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Here are some of our recent jobs and clients. And don't forget that you can find IGOR case studies right here.

Theatre Royal Brighton
We worked with the theatre to create a brand new iPad app, Inside the Magic. It complements and enhances theatre tours, providing additional content, fun characters, insights and interactions. It also handles what we might call the ‘theatre expertise’, so that staff without a great deal of theatre knowledge can effectively run tours.

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Cumbria Museums Consortium
We were commissioned by the Consortium to develop a fully-rounded concept and working plan for a brand new online community engagement project, Treasures of Cumbria. We ran a number of brainstorming and fact-finding sessions, interviewed many key stakeholders and reviewed the current state-of-the-art to create the final concept, report and recommendations.

Described by the Arts Council as being one of the 'flagship' projects of 2013,
Treasures of Cumbria ran successfully until September 2015.

Science Museum - Atmosphere events system
We built and installed an events system in the Atmosphere gallery. Built in Flash, the bespoke front end reads in events from the museums Whats On feed and parses them for display, updating itself every few minutes.

Science Museum - brief creation and consultancy
We've helped the museums develop and create a number of detail project briefs - then assisted all the way through the PQQ and interview process, to final selection. We can help you with this as well -
give us a call!

Science Museum - other online and on-gallery projects
We’ve helping the web and new media teams develop and specify the project briefs for a series of online and on-gallery projects, including help with PQQ, tendering and agency appointment. Exciting stuff!
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Royal College of Music
We provided one-to-one consultancy and support for the Royal College of Music based on our exclusive
Exploring Digital Heritage course and associated material.
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National Portrait Gallery
We completed an audit for the National Portrait Gallery. We audited all their digital output and content, compared it to existing and forthcoming projects in other museums - and then looked at the state-of-the-art in online and in-gallery installations. From this we prepared a set of recommendations that the Digital Programmes team are using as a framework for future internal discussions about digital development.
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Science Museum - Making Modern Communications gallery
We are currently helping the museum with the early stages of this project, running workshops and creating a series of strategic and technical documents, leading to the definition of a compelling digital web presence.

Science Museum - What’s On digital signage project
We helped the New Media department specify this project and appoint a design agency. We also project managed the technical aspects of final delivery. The signage system goes live in Autumn 2011.
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University of Brighton
We worked with the
University of Brighton to create a new Continuing Professional Development course called Exploring Digital Heritage. The course was aimed at museum professionals who wish to increase their knowledge and understanding of the digital technologies, techniques and issues that are increasingly vital in the modern museum. It is also relevant for professionals in other sectors (such as charities) who may be thinking of moving into the heritage sector.

course has been updated and re-worked to run as a one- or two-day session, also making the most of our wonderful IGOR software as a teaching tool - so if you or your organisation is interested in Exploring Digital Heritage please get in touchI

Before Digital Opportunities

Before Digital Opportunities Ian worked both freelance and with a number of digital agencies (most notably the shiny people at Cogapp and Vivid Interactive). Through these relationships he has worked on projects for many public sector and commercial clients, including:

Brighton and Hove Museum
Cable and Wireless
Granada Learning
Manchester United
The National Gallery
The National Portrait Gallery
Nelson Thorne
Prudential plc
The Qualifications and Curriculum Authority
Shakespeare's Globe
The Great North Museum

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