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I admit it. I wasn’t paying attention. What’s IGOR?
Interactive Galleries On Request (or IGOR for short) is a content development and deployment tool that enables you to quickly and easily create one of four types of digital exhibit: touchscreen interactive, multi-video player, captioned slideshow and RSS viewer. You provide the content and IGOR runs it on-gallery for you. Put simply, it’s a kind of agency-in-a-box. Kind of.

Why should I buy IGOR?
Using IGOR to develop digital content means that your software development costs are very low. Each licence is only £2,000. In our experience this is much lower than you might normally expect for exhibits like this. (Of course you have to provide the content but for most digital projects that would be true anyway.)

Slashing the software development costs is good news for all kinds of budget: for large budget projects, the savings can be ploughed into other ‘big ticket’ digital exhibitions. And those projects with smaller budgets may now be able to afford digital exhibits where the cost has previously been prohibitive.

And because the IGOR licences last forever - meaning you can re-use and re-purpose your IGOR installations again and again - their value for money gets better the more you use them!

We're not bothered, that's up to you. But the actual name is 'Interactive Galleries On Request'. IGOR is an acronym. And a cute one it is, too.

What can I build with IGOR?
Four types of installation: touchscreen interactives, HD video players, captioned slideshows, RSS viewers. (We imagine museums will be most interested in touchscreen interactives).

Who can buy IGOR?
Museums, galleries, historic houses, parks and other not-for-profit organisations. If you're not sure whether you qualify, contact us.

Can digital agencies buy IGOR?
No. Only museums and galleries etc.

But can museums buy IGOR and get someone else to develop the content for them?
Yes, although IGOR is so easy to use they shouldn't need to. (But for example, they might commission someone to make some graphics or an animation to add into IGOR).

Where can I download a demo version?
You can find one here on this very site:

How do I install IGOR?
IGOR lives in its own folder which is installed on the desktop of your PC or Mac. All content should be added to that folder. When your IGOR installation is ready, simply copy the IGOR folder to your destination machine i.e. the machine that lives in the gallery/exhibition in question.

How to I get started?
Download the guided tour and run the IGOR program to see it. Have a look at the user manual. Then you can run the Content Tool and begin to modify it to your requirements, one page at a time.

If I use your demo will I lose my content when I buy the full version?
No. The demo content tool runs fully; the front-end program quits after 10 minutes (so you can't install it on-gallery). You can fully develop and even test all your content before purchasing the full version - we'll send you instructions to unlock the front-end when you buy it. And your content will be still there!

Is it reliable?
Yes! There are 11 IGOR installations in the Science Museum, London (in the Antenna, Oramics and other galleries) and in six months it hasn't crashed once.

How many copies of IGOR to do I get?
You can buy single licences for £2,000 each. And we have a Value Package which gives you five licences for the price of four. You can buy additional licences if you need them, or talk to us about a site licence.

How do I make other installations?
IGOR is designed to be simple to use. Simply copy your original IGOR installation folder and add new content to that, changing it a page at a time.

Okay, getting a bit more technical: where does IGOR store my content?
Images, video and swf animations should be stored in subfolders within the main IGOR folder. There are example folders to explore when you first install it. Textual and structural content is stored in an xml file, igorconfig.xml, which is created and modified by the Content Tool.

Can I write that xml file myself?
If you want to, it isn't complicated - although we only officially support xml written by the Content Tool. If you write the xml yourself you could for example provide http references for images e.g. from a museum collections server and also have more than the standard eight pages per chapter. But again, we only officially support installations running xml written by the Content Tool. (Though of course we're always happy to help and offer advice).

Can I use the igorconfig.xml file for another non-IGOR project?
No, only for IGOR. Sorry.

Any references?
'IGOR is a great solution for creating simple and cost-effective digital exhibits.'
Dave Patten, Head of New Media, Science Museum London

So... why use IGOR?
- It's a lot cheaper than using agencies.

- It's flexible and easy to use.

- For most museums, for most projects, IGOR can provide you with what you need.

- It's optimised specifically for museums and galleries. For example, the installations at the Science Museum (there are eight at the moment) are built and maintained by non-technical content teams.

- It runs on pretty much any PC (XP and later, or OSX 10.5 and later) so you can reuse those old computers, saving even more money.

- When you've bought IGOR, you can use it and re-use it over and over again - just as long as you don't exceed the number of licences on-gallery at any one time. IGOR gets better value for money the more you use it.

- It promotes easy development. You can start developing with IGOR before you have all your assets or worked out your final text; you can build it up a piece at a time and not have to continually remake it over and over.
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