We will help you make the most of digital content and delivery. We come to your organisation, talk to you, your stakeholders, your visitors ad others. We work with you to create and refine digital strategy for existing and forthcoming projects; to brainstorm and define individual projects, their ITTs and beyond - and any other aspect of digital heritage from concept to handover. Contact us now!

Why you should contact us

Digital Opportunities was founded by Ian Smith, previously the Head of Interactive at Cogapp. Ian has over 15 years experience providing digital content and delivery systems for the public sector and can provide a unique blend of insights - content, technical and user experience - to your projects.

Our ethos is 'saving museums money' and we do this via the following range of services, including:

Savings through consultancy

Digital framework
We visit your organisation over a number of days and provide you with a comprehensive look at all your digital content and delivery:

  • how it sits within your organisation
  • how you might repurpose and re-use existing digital and analogue content
  • how this compares to the state of the art in other similar organisations.

From this we create for you a Digital Framework, the basis for future discussions around digital deliverables. This can range from a wide overview of thoughts and ideas, down to a detailed digital strategy, depending on your requirements.

Startup consultancy
During the initial stages of gallery or exhibition design, we provide strategic leadership for digital content and delivery; we can facilitate brainstorm sessions to get the most from existing and proposed digital content. Our experience shows us that more work done at this early stage can reap dividends later on, creating more tightly honed specifications that can be delivered quicker, with less hassle and for lower budgets.

Help with PQQs and Tendering
We help you draw up the digital elements of your PQQ and ITTs; we provide valuable insights into budgets and likely methods of implementation to help shape tender documents; we can provide independent reviews of all submissions and have experience sitting on interview panels

Usability testing
We can design and facilitate usability sessions - either onsite or in usability labs near you. All our sessions are run full-day: the morning is dedicated to user testing and the afternoon to reviewing the findings.We generate a findings document from all our testing sessions.

IGOR and beyond

After 15 years in the business we are not afraid to get our hands dirty and create kiosk and web applications! As a small consultancy we can provide a hugely cost-effective way of implementing small to medium-size interactives and AV productions. We use a network of incredibly talented freelancers (where appropriate) to provide everything from simple websites to 3D animated immersive AV sequences.

We apply high quality project management processes to all our work - and are available to project manage other projects where required. We are PRINCE2 certified.

And of course we are the producers and sole suppliers of Interactive Galleries On Request (or IGOR for short) the low-cost easy-to-use digital exhibit builder that lets museum staff build their own exhibits quickly and cheaply!

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