Connect with schools using IGOR

IGOR for Schools is a brand new platform designed to bring schools and museums together in an exciting new way, fostering deep connections and encouraging new interpretation of museum content.

Here's how it works: Students use our IGOR software to build their own digital exhibits, based on content and suggestions from local (and national) museums. This content is provided as digital resource packs and/or through onsite visits. The students' exhibits can then be temporarily installed in museums to provide a huge incentive for further visits, or used as the basis of a presentation session to museum staff.

We've trialled IGOR for Schools in Brighton using content from the forthcoming Brighton and Hove Albion Museum - you can see some photos on this page. It was a great success, one student asked, 'Can we do it again next week?'

What's in it for Museums?

Engaging with schools and the wider community by connecting with them and finding ways to use your content to their advantage.

Encouraging new perspectives on existing content and galleries by allowing students to build their own exhibits, using your resources as a base but adding their own unique interpretation on top!

Increasing visits from students, peers and parents by putting student-built IGOR installations into your museum (long-term or temporary).

What's in it for Schools?

Establishing real, working relationships with museums
, especially those local to the area.

Bringing IT to life using real-world situations (KS1-KS5)
as students build digital exhibits using real-world tools.

Promoting high order thinking,
including writing for an audience, research and organisation.

Developing IT skills leading to improved digital literacy by using the IGOR Content Tool to develop their exhibits

What do museums have to do to take part?

To start with, not much! We're building a database of contacts to help broker relationships and find museums with stories and content relevant to each school. We're currently asking museums and schools to join our contacts database which we will use (and you can use) to find schools interested in your content.

In the next few months, we'll be contacting some museums to ask them to create a digital resource pack - the basic content the schools will use - based on one of their exhibitions or key topics. We'll provide guidance and pro formas for this, and we expect that a lot of this work will already exist in the form of teaching resource packs.

We will then open the database to all schools and museums and, in the early stages, guide them toward each other.

We are particularly interested in fostering connections between schools and local museums. If you would like to help us with this, please get in touch.

What will it all cost?

For museums who buy an IGOR licence, nothing. For schools there will be an annual subscription, giving them access to the contacts database, resource packs and IGOR software.

Participating museums will receive an additional education-only version of IGOR with which they can display schools' digital exhibits. This will be free, but cannot be used to create 'professional' exhibits (we're sure you'll be so impressed with IGOR that you'll want to buy your own copies!)

IGOR for Schools is brought to you by Digital Opportunities Ltd and Vivid Digital.
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